Decorating Your Wedding!


Most wedding ceremonies and receptions have some type of decorations. It can be anywhere from simple color themes to elaborate centerpieces. What's important is that the decorations are affordable and unique to what you want to be displayed.

The season of the year that your wedding will take place can help you decide on what's easily available for your wedding. If you're planning a wedding in the fall, you can choose some warm yellow, orange, and red colors that reflect the colors of the trees and season. Add a few real or faux pumpkins and leaves to your centerpieces or gift table.

You can also have a refreshments table that includes apple cider, candy corns, popcorn, cinnamon candy or whatever you desire.

Holiday decor and should you buy or rent?


If you're planning a December wedding, there's a chance your venue already has some Christmas/Holiday decorations on display or available that will make your reception look beautiful and festive.

Some venues offer many options for decor, so check with them and see what they have available. Something as simple as wooden pieces and candles adds a nice touch to each table.

Buying your decorations is something you may be wondering about. Buying your decorations allows you a world of options between anything you find locally or online. If you purchase your decor, you can re-sell it online or depending on the items, you might even be able to use them in your own home.

Renting is another option. When you check with places that rent wedding decor, you might even find some items that you didn't even think of or knew existed.  Plus when the wedding is over, you simply return the items and don't have boxes of decor that you have to sell or store after the wedding is over.


I recommend looking into various decorating options and be open to something simple or if your budget allows, go all out.  However, if you do want to go all out, make sure you're considering all your costs.

Make sure you have budgeted some of the big purchases like your wedding dress, venue, dinner, entertainment and photographer.  I've spoken with brides who ended up being on a super tight budget for their photographer and DJ simply because they went all out on other expenses.

If you want to be a little more conservative with your decorating budget, but still impress your guests, consider something as simple as color coordinating napkins.  Maybe a candle or battery powered faux candle, a centerpiece, and some personalized chocolate favors to place on the tables.