Reserving – The sooner the better!

One of the many questions that couples ask people who provide a service or a venue is “how soon do we need to reserve our date?” It may vary depending on what you are wanting to reserve, but generally the sooner the better. If your wedding is over a year away, most of the time, you’ll have some extra time to decide, however there are times when reserving something/someone over a year away is critical if you want to make sure you get them for your wedding. There are some venues, photographers, DJs, etc. that are in HIGH DEMAND and get reserved far in advance, so if that is the case with what/who you are wanting to reserve, don’t put off putting down your down payment with them.

Waiting too long to start planning. There is a lot that goes in to planning a wedding, no matter how simple or extravagant. While you’re planning, life continues to happen and it’s easy to think you have plenty of time to plan. I’ve spoken with couples who try to start planning their weddings that will be taking place in just a matter of 4 or 5 months. More often than not, they quickly run into everything and everyone already being reserved. When this happens, either they end up settling for “whatever is available,” and that can be disappointing or frustrating, or they have to change their date.

Popular dates.  Saturdays are the most popular days throughout the year.  Many times couples will choose a holiday weekend, like during Memorial Day or Labor Day, since many relatives will be in town anyway, so it’s easier for everyone to get together for the wedding.  Some couples reserve the first Saturday of the month, which happens a lot.  Thanks to social media, like Pinterest, late summer and fall weddings have become more and more popular with the cooler temperatures and beautiful trees and fall colors.  September and October have become months that are now in higher demand.

Not as popular dates and saving money.  For couples who are hoping to save some money on their wedding, but still get great service and a better chance at a service or venue being available, consider having your wedding on a Friday, Sunday or any other day of the week other than Saturday.  Not all, but some vendors will sometimes provide you a discount when you book your wedding with them that is not on a Saturday, so make sure to ask them.

Shopping around for what you want at your weddings is important, especially if you have a budget to stick to and don’t have any extra to spend. Sometimes couples will get excited about, say decorations, so they spend a huge amount on them thinking other things they want are going to be lower in price, but then find out other products and services charge more than what they thought they would. This can lead to extra stress and lower quality.

Call around. Ask questions. Get price quotes, but also get quality quotes, and by that, I mean talk with the vendors and see what they can do. Just because you found something at a great, low price, there might be a reason it’s that low. Once you have spoken with vendors, checked on dates and figured all of it into your budget, start reserving. See how much they need for a down payment and if they have a contract for their service, make sure to read through it and ask any additional questions before signing it. Each service you reserve is another thing to check off of your list. Happy planning!