Outdoor Weddings

If you've been on Pinterest, and admit it, you have...you know there are so many amazing pictures of outdoor weddings. From the beautiful sunsets to the fresh air, decorations and a party atmosphere under the stars, you might be thinking that an outdoor wedding is just what you're dreaming.  However, there are a few things to consider and check into when planning an outdoor wedding.

Is there electricity at the place where you're planning to exchange vows? This can be a very important question that you'll need to ask.

If you're planning on having someone play music or simply provide a sound system so the pastor/officiant can use a microphone, you'll need to check and see if the place has electricity and where the power source is located. I would recommend having a sound system so your families, friends, and guests can hear what's being said during the ceremony and also if you are needing music played, as well.

Outdoor weddings can have the possibility of weather being an issue. Weather can change quickly here in western Nebraska, so having an outdoor wedding can be risky. Now, I'm not saying to not have one, but if you do, have a backup INDOOR plan, too.

I've been to some outdoor weddings that had perfect weather and I've been to some we where storms ended the event early, soaked the gifts, and guests left for safety or simply because they were drenched.

If you're wanting an outdoor wedding, check with the place that you're planning it at and see if they have a large enough indoor space to use as a backup plan. Pay attention to the forecast that week and plan accordingly. Some places have an outdoor area for the ceremony and then the reception is held inside.

Also, check with the vendors to see what/if they have some clause in their contract about weather and/or if they do outdoor events. Never assume, always ask.  Then get ready to step outside and say "I do!"